Wednesday, 4 November 2015

Day 15 :10 Things Make Me Feel Awesome!


Setiap manusia dekat dunia ni ada cara tersendiri untuk buat diri mereka gembira.Termasuk lah kita-kita ni.Untuk buat diri kita rasa owsome kena ada prinsip dan pegangan hidup.Barulah kita akan rasa kick dengan semua benda yang kita lakukan.Dah tengok citer  kick?

Walaupun cerita kick buat kita rasa betapa enjoy cara dia nikmati hidup.Tapi mustahil lah kan.
Well it's just a story!

...10 Thing I Feel Awesome...
  1. Definasi cantik bagi aku adalah confident.Well,people always look external appearance but people also look our internal appearance,which is our confident.This years i change my style to boost up my confident .
  2. How to look confident?Smile make other surrouding think , you had a full confident in yourself.Stand up with your back and straight with good eye contact .Practice speak with loud and clear word.It's the only thing we can feel ohsome.So,make sure we took a good care of our teeth ok:P
  3. Everytime i present my case to doctor ,i feel good when i know my patient condition very well.
  4. I give my best service to my patient.
  5. When my patient says thank you,it's  realy touching deep into my heart.
  6. Team work is ohsome!
  7. When i able to perform my solat 5 times per day in early time,i feel super ohsome.
  8. I feel my day get a kick when i start my days with read al-quraan .It's a good start as my daily routine.
  9. Make a new recepi is realy ohsome for me!
  10. I feel ohsome when i able to do what i feel fear.


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