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It's Pore Perfection from PINK pure Beauty

Assalamualaikum  buat teman-teman yang sedang lewati blog saya..Udah lama sekali saya tidak mencoret di blog ini.Blog rating  sekarang lagi  merundum.Ramai yang lebih selesa menggunakan instagram and youtube sebagai aplikasi untuk update lifestyle  and produk review.Mungkin lebih mudah dan simple  untuk update.Setuju?

Entry kali ini mungkin lebih simple untuk produk  review yang saya sudah pun cuba.Jika anda sering pergi ke drugstore (watson) pasti anda pernah melihat produk PINK  dari pure beauty essence.Produk PINK dari korea ini adalah khusus untuk merawat masalah pori kulit muka yang degil .From  top to toe it had large packaging ,suit with the price tag.It's Pore perfection  new packaging.

I just try these..

For a person who had a problem with black head underneath skin.You should try the cleansing foam.I like foam cleanser but for me.If you had no problem with white head and black head,You should avoid using foam in regular.You can take it ..but not in regular routine.I used it for once a day as my night cleanser .For my started day i will used  non foam cleanser.Pink clay and  jeju volcanic ash  exfolliate well the skin and tighten pores while java tea leaf extract regulates sebum for a brighter complexion.Jeju carbonated thermal water helps to moisturises and sooth es skin.It won't dry your skin..

After wash your face.Apply the toner with cotton dab  and leave it with 10 minutes .It reallyyyyy help me for tighten the pore.I got this beauty trick from korea you tuber.Then, put my beauty essence as a serum.I just apply over the T-zone(my pore problem).

I like blur cream so much.Having SPF15.It's turn well as my pore primer  before i apply my foundation over the skin.Smoothen  with gentaly outward motion to spread evently.Formulated with gigawhite,actiwhite whitening booster,alps rose and pink flower complex power .It's unique light control and blur effect help to  smoothen,refine pores and correct the tone skin.

Later i will try the puding cream  and let me know if you want me to review.

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p/s:Excuse for my grammar mistakes:)

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