Tuesday, 29 December 2015

Closed up for 2015.


It's been a long time,i'm not spends my time to update a new entry.
Blog challenge became quietly after 20/30 post become to nearest goal.miahaha:P
What happen with the excitement?i also wonder why the challege became stuck..ermmm
I was thinking to change 30 day blog challenge to 30 post about myself .

It's suck my day for public users like me !
Public transport is not a friendly users seen the fee increased up to 70%
I can't stand anymore ,if i had to pay RM 8.50  from RM 5.40  for me to stand along in 1 hours journey.What a fish#@%$.Lets  pray GST disbanded from Malaysia  for our better life

Except GST alhamdulillah for giving me a great year with a great family,housemate, and collegue..

Syukran for giving me a good health  to take care of   my patient .Giving  them a best supportive care and make them feel comfort would be a pleasure for us.One year with our cancer  fighter   really wide my eyes and inspired me.May them rest is peace.
~Al-fatihah for arwah we had know~

P/S:Sorry for this short entry.Actually, i would like to share my joy  with a photo moment but  unfortunately there's a problem with  my server upload pic.I will try my best if i can ...

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