Friday, 24 April 2015

PLan Tak Menjadi..


All the planned that supposed to done  was totally ruinned after my name was called to follow courses transformation of the mind a.k.a induksi that will be held in  janda baik tomorow.Which is the most important courses to be a permenant goverment staff .Seriously ,i was hoping that will happen on next intake T_T.

I was planned on vacation with some of my ortho geng since one of my friends want to had a trip vacation before getting marriage soon on this mei.Wauu i'm so excited  !!! *but i can't..
Well i only plan but Allah is the one to determine our fate.Right?ermm..
Whatevers happen, by hook or by the crook my  dream to jetlag will check  on my list later!

Psst://mood to speaking(even not so good in grammar) ,bad mood,no idea
*thanks for reading!*

Tabung Nufnang #